The Famous Cafe Del Mar will Open in Phuket

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The world-famous Café del Mar opened in 1980 in the jewel of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza. It gave the world about seventeen albums of fascinating, light music and became a symbol of a truly relaxing pastime.

The scene was born during the club movement in Ibiza and then leaked into the whole of Europe. Attributes associated with Café del Mar include the white Armani party dress, strobe lighting, as well as a multitude of high calibre musicians including Moby and his friends (Underworld, Joshua, Fish Go Deep). The establishment also saw the performances and development of the great, DJ Sanchez.

Directly translated, Café del Mar means "sea cafe", and soon the Kamala Phuket branch of this institution will open near the HQ Beach Lounge - the perfect location for a venue such as this. The design of the club was orchestrated by Greek architects and the construction has since reached completion. We hope that we will be able to visit one of these legendary places, given that they posses aspects of the world club culture that precedes the beginning of the peak clubbing season.