F is for fruit. Exotic fruits of Thailand. Part 1

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What comes up to your mind when you hear of Thailand. Probably, not on the first place, but you definitely will think about all these tropical colorful fruits. In case you are missing them and unable to buy them in your home country, here I am, with a mouth-watering article about Thai fruits, part 1.

Photo: Tord Remme

Let me start from my mum’s favorite one, yellow mango. Most popular variety for export is "Nam Dok Mai". This one can be produced nearly all year around. This amazing fruit smells intense and so delicious even before you cut it. The fruit itself is soft and tastes sweet with a touch of sourness sometimes. The most popular dessert “mango sticky rice” is made with this amazing sort. Nam Dok Mai mango can be consumed raw or cooked.

Dragon fruit. Or pitaya. Or strawberry pear. At the first sight you will be attracted by its unique look, pink with green kind-of-spikes. The fruits’ fiber might be 2 colors, pink or white, with many eatable black seeds. I am honestly not a huge fan of this fruits because of its too much delicate taste. However, this fruit became very popular among health-conscious because of high amount of fiber and magnesium, as well as the extremely low calories content.

Longan. A juicy jelly like small fruit in a hard peel. Fruit has a delicate sweet and musky, fresh taste. Do not bite is straight away as it has a big seed inside. The fruit can be eaten fresh, dried or canned in syrup. Longan is a seasonal fruit, so don’t miss its harvest season, June-August. I can eat a bunch of these little fruits, 30 grams of what provides you with almost 40% of daily vitamin C value.

Photo: Miwok

Lychee. It is a small rounded fruit with sweet white scented flesh and a rough pink skin. Fruit is also full of vitamin C and B and it is a rich source of nutrient that is required for the production of blood. I personally found its taste a bit similar to longan, and people sometimes mix these fruits. April to June is a perfect time to try it. And if you have a chance to try lychee ice-cream, do not miss it!

To be continued…