Will Phuket become the digital hub of the ASEAN Community?

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Elizabeth Adler

Big name technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Samsung and Facebook are being lured to Phuket by a new digital real estate project. 10 billion baht is being put into the project to make it as appealing to the companies as possible. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology’s ‘ smart city’ program is set to make big changes all around the region. Hopefully for the better.

The island of Phuket has huge potential for being the paragon of technological excellence all throughout South East Asia. If the project goes ahead, quality and performance in urban services will go up while costs and resource consumption will go down. With the necessary infrastructure in place, all big companies will be clamoring to set up their offices in Phuket.

Earlier this year, many changes were made in Thailand to increase the country’s production, industrial and export competitiveness. Many more changes are also set to come with this latest ‘Smart City’ project. Companies who come on board with the current project will be given VIP treatment with express services for customs, immigration and employee work permits, as well as all other necessary paperwork.

The project will be good for tourists and locals alike. Free wi-fi across the entire island has been proposed and a lot more CCTV cameras will be installed for security and control. Internet speed is also set to increase, which will be a major draw card for the companies.

With the Smart City plan, Phuket will compete with such technology giants as Singapore and Malaysia, all the while maintaining its peaceful, tropical island charm. We hope.