Trisara: more than a Seafood Sunday Brunch

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I recently had the opportunity to revisit Trisara’s Sunday Brunch. It is advertised as a Seafood Brunch but it really is a Family Brunch. You have a choice of either enjoying the warm of the sun by sitting outside or escaping into the aircon

Unlike many other Sunday Brunches, at Trisara you have a quiet family day with full access to their pool and beach and one of the better ocean views in Phuket. If you have youngsters who are 4 or younger they also have a Kids Club with lots of activities and kids food- so their parents can relax and enjoy their day.

With no loud noises, screaming kids and a good Jazz quartet playing, the peace and serenity is a fairly unique to Phuket and a credit to long term Aussie Expat General Manager and Phuket resident Anthony. Lark. Anthony is enthusiastic about his plans to relocate his kitchen and expand his aircon area to improve the experience. Staff are attentive and accommodating and what you expect from a major resort.


The first thing you notice is the choice of either a Bloody Mary spiced to your liking or a Red Wine Sangria- that is a great way to start before you choose your wine. Lots of tidbits to try served on spoons- both western and Thai and something I especially liked was their watermelon gazpacho.

And if you are a traditionalist for Brunch you can get eggs about 4 different ways cooked to your liking

All the typical things are there like Roast Beef, a pasta bar and even freshly made Som Tom for the locals. Seafood includes Canadian Lobster, fresh oysters from 3 different areas, rocks lobsters, prawns and your normal array of salads.

Outside at the BBQ there are Hamburger sliders, squid, calamari and vegetable skewers- all BBQ’ed when you are ready

Basic Price is 2,900 baht with half a bottle or 3,900 with French Champagne. But you had better book as Trisara has always been popular and can get crowded (but still quiet)