As an Expat, people back home often ask “Why do you want to live in Thailand?” The answer is usually “Because it’s a lot more fun and exciting than my homeland, not to mention easier and stress free.” Different people have different reasons for choosing Thailand as their home. Some people are running from things in their home countries and some people are social pariahs. Some people seek things in Thailand that they can’t get back home, whilst other people just end up here because they love traveling and Thailand is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. Whatever the reasons, there is no doubting that Thailand can be a great place to live.

There are plenty of provinces to choose from when deciding to set up camp in Thailand but Phuket is probably the most popular. Here are just a few examples of why you’ll never want to leave this wonderful island.

The Beaches

An obvious example really, but with more than 35 amazing beaches around the island, this reason definitely is a major draw card.

The People

Thai people are some of the friendliest on the planet. They’re very conscientious and never like to see people losing face, so they do their very best not to embarrass others when they do something stupid. A welcome relief if you’re clumsy or awkward.

The Food

Thai food is considered some of the best in the world and with street vendors everywhere it’s never too hard to find. Sometimes the best Thai cuisine is found on the street, so don’t be scared to give it a go.

The Landscapes

There’s a good reason why so many Hollywood films are shot in Thailand. The mountains and beaches in Phuket in particular offer some of the most paradisiacal locations around.

The laid back lifestyle

For Westerners who are sick of the hustle and bustle of modern day city life, the laid back islander lifestyle is a welcome relief. Plonk down on a hammock on one of Phuket’s many beaches and chances are you’ll never want to get back up.

RL Phuket

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