Finding a propery photgrapher in 3 simple steps

Property Photography By Mana Parnkasem (1)

By Mana Parnkasem

A tempting investment destination, Phuket attracts property owners from all over the world. While most of them look to rent out or re-sell their villas and condos, few seem to go along with modern advertising requirements. Sure, online exposure is a must. But it’s not just about being online, the key is to offer your customers what they are looking for.

As a real estate photographer, I often wish to ask property owners a single question: would you stay in a property that has lacklustre photos and a poor description on its website? That just doesn’t seem like a good option, does it? If the property looks mediocre online, you wouldn’t expect an adequate service from those who run it. When you’re choosing a place to stay from afar, photos and descriptions are the key.

Property Photography By Mana Parnkasem (1)

Frankly, I’m dazed whenever I witness Phuket investors failing to view their property’s online presence as an investment. Moreover, some owners seem to be afraid of getting overcharged by a property photographer, even though a set of high-quality photographs costs less than a fraction of a Phuket villa’s nightly rate.

Property Photography By Mana Parnkasem (1)If you’re one of those property owners who are wary of using professional photography services, I’d like to provide you with a better understanding of what to expect from a professional property photographer. It will help you find an expert partner, who’ll create images that your property deserves.

1. They have a well-rounded portfolio.

Photography is a vast field with dozens of niches, and not all of them require the photographer to have previous experience. In real estate photography, however, experience makes all the difference.

Does the photographer have relevant samples to show? Beside interior pictures, a good portfolio will include photos of the outdoor area, nearby attractions, and possibly even drone footage. Professionals know how important the location of your villa is and their package will include landscape photos of the villa’s surroundings.

Property Photography By Mana Parnkasem (1)

2. Their approach and promises are sensible.

Too many times I’ve seen house owners wait until the very last moment to hire a photographer and then chose the one who promises to deliver the photos within a day.

While it is not impossible to shoot and edit images over one or several days, reputable property photographers are often booked far in advance. Moreover, they have a steady process in place, one that ensures maximum involvement every step of the way. The shoot itself can take anywhere from two to eight hours and selecting and editing the photos is a separate job that also takes time.

More than once, I’ve been called to re-shoot villas that had already been shot by someone else, which means that those owners ended up paying twice and still taking the longer route.

3. Their prices are realistic yet professional

Like in every industry, photography prices can be all over the map and I understand the frustration associated with it – no one likes to be taken advantage of.  But keep in mind that professional real-estate photographers provide and maintain special equipment; go through an education and spend time on building a portfolio.

What’s more, only a professional knows how much villa beautification is enough, both in terms of flattering angles and post-production. Overdo it, and you’ll end up with disappointed customers.

Remember, photographers, marketing experts, SEO professionals and others, are your partners in ensuring that the world sees your villa in the best possible light. Chose them wisely and chances are, you’ll see your business soar.

Mana Parnkasem is a freelance photographer based in Phuket. For more tips on photography and marketing, follow his FB business page and contact him at

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