Popular Thailand – forecasts predict record numbers of tourists in Thailand in 2016

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It's no secret that Thailand attracts a great number of tourists, boasting the most visited city on Earth, Bangkok. Despite this, previous estimates predicted a lower number of tourists this year than in previous years. However, recent forecasts have predicted that 32.4 million people will be visiting the kingdom this year.

Despite the reduction of festivities this year, people are still seemingly flocking to Thailand. There was an increase in visitation from last year by around 1.9 million people in October. The target for visitation is 32 million for the year and it looks like they'll be reaching that target.

The target is set based on revenue with the country relying on tourism for 10% of its GDP. Other economic activities are seemingly less lucrative since the seizure of power by the military in 2014 so these numbers are highly welcomed. There were worries that this 32 million target wouldn't be reached since the crackdown on illegal Chinese tour packages.

So, how much revenue does Thailand make from all of this foreign tourism? Well, the forecast for this year looks something like THB1.63 trillion which is up over 11% from 2015.

Last year's record of 29.9 million visitors may yet be broken with still the majority of November and December to go which often see a great deal of tourists arriving.