Phuket Old Photos – an island that is no more

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This island from these Phuket old photos doesn't exist anymore, it was lost in the bottomless pit of history, Phuket of endless, empty, white-sand beaches, Phuket of unspoiled nature, Phuket of few tourists, of no crowds, noise and pollution. This Phuket is no more or remains hidden from plain view. But it used to be like this, and not that very long time ago. Changes on our island are so rapid that they can be observed with a naked eye. From year to year, from month to month.

Phuket old photos Phuket Beach Old Photo Surin 1962
Phuket Beach Surin 1962

But nothing makes one realize how much Phuket is changing as a look at those amazing Phuket old photos, vintage images of historical Phuket, some dating back to 1930's and the tin mining times of the island and going all the way up to 1980's and the beginnings of Phuket as a tourist destination.

Phuket old photos Phuket Beach Old Photo Patong late 70's.jpg2
Phuket Beach Patong late 70's

There are even more precious when you realize that there Phuket old photos have been taken in the times when cameras weren't everywhere, nobody had a smartphone and no one snapped countless selfies everywhere and all the time. These are more than just Phuket old photos, these are historical documents and a unique glimpse into the past of Thailand's biggest island.

Phuket old photos Phuket Kata Noi old photo 1987
Phuket Kata Noi 1987

Take a look at those amazing old photos of Phuket, take a look back into the history of the island and be prepared for heaps of nostalgia. Phuket will never seem the same again.

And once you finish gazing in amazement at those Phuket old photos, take a look at other galleries of historical Phuket we prepared for you:

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Clic on the photos to see them in full size.

Phuket Old Photos: 1962 -1980


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