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If there is one person destined to lead Paul Ropp brand into the future, it’s Sayang Ropp. Paul Ropp’s daughter has the passion, the vision and most importantly – her father’s DNA.

It can’t be easy – stepping into one’s father’s shoes. Especially if those shoes belong to a larger-than-life persona that Paul Ropp is. But if there is someone prepared to fill those big shoes, it’s Sayang. Born and raised in Bali, from an Italian mother and a New York father, Sayang grew up soaking in her father’s wit and wisdom, often taking a form of catchy mottoes “These are mantras that play in my head on repeat, like a pleasantly broken record. ‘I can, it’s done, what’s next’; ‘Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today, better and better in every way’; ‘Resolve and Dissolve’; and the list goes on and on and on,” she says.

Paul Ropp
Then came her formal education in boarding schools, in places such diverse and wide apart as India and Switzerland, Rome and British Columbia. But the real schooling started when she joined her father’s company in the capacity of Operations Manager. And while at the moment the scope of her job revolves around administrative functions and implementing strategic systems, she is slowly trying to add a new flare to the company. “I definitely don’t want to change what isn’t broken, but I do believe we have the potential to become so much more as a company,” she says.

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Sayang thinks that there are many more people out there who would, given the chance, become enthusiasts of the brand. That’s why she is interested in creating an avenue that lends Paul Ropp to certain missing demographics. “These demographics are sheltered to their possibilities for several different reasons. One of my main hopes for the future is to bridge the gap and find a way to create a product that is steadfast with the Paul Ropp vision, but more easily translatable towards demographics who may not yet get it,” she explains.

Paul Ropp

To that goal, she is currently on a mission to better establish and enhance Paul Ropp’s online presence, in an effort to further evolve the company, adjacent with the times we live in. “I want to see this company break boundaries and defy expectations in the internet generation, in the same way it has done in our current successful generation,” says Sayang.

Paul Ropp Sayang Ropp

But whatever the future holds, and whatever direction Sayang pushes the company in, one thing will remain unchanged – Paul Ropp will still be a brand for people who prefer to be naked. “Paul Ropp, the brand, represents and exudes a derived confidence and acceptance of self; it provokes reactions and turns heads; it stands out in a room filled with people,” explains Sayang and adds, “To me, Paul Ropp equals freedom.”

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