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Success is an elusive concept. What constitutes it? How do we achieve it? To understand it better, we asked the daughter of a successful fashion designer Paul Ropp, to share her father’s lessons on success.   

Striving for better tomorrow

The values that my father shares with his family and friends, go beyond success, and touch on life in general, a life that is happy and worthwhile. To get his message across he often uses short catch phrases. 

One such phrase is: “Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today, better and better in every way”. On the surface, this may sound a little mundane, but there is a deeper thought hidden there. This phrase has always taught me to strive towards a better life. To reach our full potential, every single day should be an effort to outdo the last. Success in life won’t happen overnight and getting there takes patience and perseverance, but as we strive to make each day better than the last one, we move forward on the stepping stones to success. 

Happiness is in helping others

On one hand, this teaches me to inch towards my goals, but it also gears me towards thinking of the circumstances of other people and the way my path may cross theirs. That way, even if on any given day, I am unsuccessful in inching towards my goals, I can make that day better by helping others do just that. My happiness is not in my own steps alone.

Extra Sensory Projection

ESP is commonly understood as Extra Sensory Perception, but in my father’s dictionary it is understood as Extra Sensory Projection. What he means by that, is projecting your visions, values, and dreams into a tangible and measurable truth. Our hopes and desires are not only things of dreams or fantasy; we have every capability of reaching the things we want. It is one of the most empowering concepts my father has taught me, because it pushes me to exert my efforts towards making things happen, rather than just dreaming about them. 

Stroke off the canvas

Not only has my father taught us to work towards our dreams, but to do so without being restricted by convention. We have always been encouraged to “stroke off the canvas”- be different and try alternate routes. We have the power to pave new paths, rather than simply follow someone else’s footsteps. If we have the courage to make beauty out of messy and tangled strokes of a brush, our ideas have the ability to create new and improved outcomes.

 My father taught me to fearlessly move forward. Even if the road is long and winding, the power to actualize our own potential and strive towards success in life, lies within us, individually. 

by Sayang Ropp

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