New RL Phuket Magazine – 100% Phuket Inside!

It’s here, a brand new issue of RL Phuket Magazine the island’s only 100% Phuket-focused lifestyle magazine. Local topics, local personalities, local writers, and local stories, presented in a fun, easy to read, beautiful form and in two languages at the same time – English and Russian.

RL Magazine Cover, Jade and Martin Taste Bar & Grill Phuket

But before it hits more than 300 locations in Phuket in printed form, take a look at the full thing right here to find out what’s best in dining, entertainment, culture, hospitality, social life, shopping and much more – all 100% Phuket, Real Phuket!

Maciek Klimowicz


Maciek Klimowicz is the Editor in Cheif at Real Life Phuket. Food, wine, culture and travel are some of his favourite things to enjoy and write about - luckily Phuket provides plenty of all. Contact Maciek on


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RL MAGAZINE Latest Issue

Latest Issue

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RL Magazine is the only 100% Phuket focused lifestyle publication on the island accessible to both English and Russian language speakers. Grab your copy today in one of more then 300 locations across Phuket or read it online, here.

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The office is open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday except holidays.

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