By Maciek Klimowicz

For the last few weeks, I’ve been going to bed an hour earlier. I’ve also been eating some vegetables with every meal, I haven’t had as much as a glass of sweetened soda, and top of that, I spent 15 minutes of each day meditating and another 30 minutes running or cycling. And all these are things that I’ve never done before! That is before JW Marriott’s Phuket “Reboot & Reevaluate Your Healthy Reality Check”.


OK, that’s not 100% correct. I tried most of those things before. I tried moving more and being more mindful, tried eating more veggies and less sugar. I tried…and failed because each time I’d bite off more than I could chew. Instead of moderation, I’d go for extreme dedication, which would wear out in a week or two, bringing me back to my old, bad habits.

And this is maybe the most important thing I’ve learned during Marriott’s health and wellness workshop – not to put too much (or rather, in case of weight loss – too little) on your plate. “If you take just one or two things out of this weekend, but stick to them, you’ll see massive changes,” said Craig Burton, a nutritionist and one of the expert speakers at the four-day-long workshop.

It turns out to be very true, especially the amount of knowledge, science-backed health advice, tips about nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and general wellbeing, that were offered to those in attendance of the workshop, was tremendous. From early morning beach training sessions with fitness expert Hayden Rhodes, through practical healthy cuisine classes with Craig Burton, insightful presentations on art and aromatherapy as well as yoga (face yoga included) mindfulness and meditation, it surely was a busy long weekend! And the amount of information passed on, simply too great to implement all at once.


Luckily, I learned that all at once is not the way to go. Sure, over the course of JW Marriott’s workshop, the immersion in a healthy lifestyle is complete and includes every delicious meal served and every minute spent doing yoga, meditating, exercising and even strolling the lush green premises of the resort. But back home, it’s enough to do just two, three little changes and stick to them. Small steps for big rewards.


How do I know? I feel and see those rewards. Since the workshop I have more energy, my body feels lighter and my mind calmer. And even if I wasn’t 100% honest with you in the first paragraph of this story and I did have a can of Coke once in those last few weeks, – it doesn’t matter. We all stumble sometimes; what matters is to keep going.

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