6 ways to spice up your Phuket life

Bored in Phuket? Most people here (or anywhere else) get themselves stuck in similar routines. Monday to Friday they work, Friday or Saturday night they go out drinking, sometimes both nights. During the daylight hours of the weekend they either go out shopping, some grab a brunch, others chill on the beach and then, on Monday, they start the same process all over again. Not everyone does

Not everyone does this, of course, there are variations in activities and some people find new and exciting things to do with their leisure time every weekend. Some people don’t even have to work during the week, or if they do, they have jobs that keep them active in enjoyable and thought-provoking ways.

But no matter what routine you have, it’s always important to break up the monotony every once in a while and try something different. Breaking away from the regular day to day patterns allows you to discover new things. This is why we’ve provided a list of things you should do every now and then, in order to keep your lives fresh.

Go somewhere you’ve never been before

Whether it’s another country, another province or just another street in the neighbourhood, it’s always important to venture out to a place you’ve never been. New places inspire new thoughts and feelings, no matter where they are. You never know, you might discover something amazing, right around the corner.

Learn how to sail

and join one of yachting events in Phuket. Or learn to play the ukulele, or to speak Cantonese, or to cook Thai, or Muay Thai, or to dive, or, or, or. Phuket attracts people from around the globe and they bring with them their passions and skills. Many are eager to share them with you. Grab this opportunity and learn something new!

Do something for nothing

Do some volunteer work at a charity organization or help out someone in need. It’s easy to become selfish when you’re busy with work and your social life, but studies have shown that helping others often makes you feel better than when you indulge yourself. It’s almost like a selfless way to be selfish when you think about it.

Get a message

Thailand is the perfect place to get a massage, there are parlours all over the country and they’re usually inexpensive. A massage gives you time to think whilst also having your muscles realigned. A good mental and physical activity that is also relaxing. When was the last time you got a message? Get one today!

Take a day off work

We don’t mean because you’re sick or have personal things that need doing. Just take a day off to get a bit of time to read and relax. Sick days are there to be taken; it’s a waste not to use them. Of course, don’t use up too many. You might need some for real reasons at some point.

Rob a bank

Just kidding. But by all means do something unexpected (and legal!), whether it be saying something weird, doing something weird, or merely thinking something weird. Normal people live normal lives; it’s the strange ones who have extraordinary lives. That you came from half the world away and started a new life in Phuket, already proves that you’re anything but conventional. Keep it up!

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