James Bond Island

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The James Bond Island in the south of Thailand is locally known as Ko Tapu or Nail Island. Its originated fame dates back to 1974. In that year the Bond Movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” was shot there. Main Actors were Hollywood celebrities Roger More and Christopher Lee. Only due to the scenery and spectacular setting this bond movie became famous and turned the Phang Nga Bay into a major Tourist Attraction. The Main Island where tourists gather to see the bond scenery is called Koh Khao Ping Kan in Thai which can be translated into English as the following: Island with Hills Leaning Together.

It is the actual tall and vertical Rock in the middle of the bay who gave the name of Koh Tapu to the rock formation in Phang Nga Bay.  Due to its unique stature it was used and turned into a laser based weapon in the Bond Movie. All of these islands around the bay are known as the James Bond Islands around the world and attract each year millions of tourists to the region.

These are the top 5 things to do once your tour group finally gets to the island and you arrive back on dry land for the 007 themed tourist attraction: Below we listed the top 5 things to do for the 007 Region truly something for James Bond lovers: Take a stroll from the boat docking area past the souvenir shops down to the beach where you can sit next to the bay of Koh Tapu which is the actual James Bond Rock. You can re-enact your favorite movie poses and favorite scenes from the Movie. Browse along the souvenir shops to look at some of James Bond Merchandising articles. Lots and lots of photos to be taken alongside the Bay and James bond rock formation. Time is limited so be aware to use your time wisely. Many tours and long tail boats are waiting to be next. However despite the relatively quick pace of the tour the whole day package tours usually also include various other visits and stops at places like the Monkey Caves and the Floating Fishing Village combined with special environmental tours like kayaking. Book your trip to James Bond Island here.