Total Immersion at Thanyapura

“Just move 30 minutes a day,” they say. “Just eat more veggies”. “Just go to bed earlier”. It’s all good and well, but sometimes to kick off a major lifestyle change, a more radical approach is necessary a total immersion.

Healthy lifestyle? It seems easy, especially in Phuket. The island offers plenty of outdoor activities, plenty of healthy food choices and a relaxed, holiday ambience that just rubs off on everyone.

Thanyapura forest yoga

Or does it? If you’re anything like me, your life in Phuket often resembles busy life in a big city, more than that of a holidaymaker on a tropical island. Stress, rush, lack of time for exercise, poor diet – I often feel there’s more of these in my Phuket life than of the beach, sun and fresh air. A healthy lifestyle might be easy, but to kick-start, it is not. I knew I needed help, to kick-start mine.

Thanyapura pool

There are many places to get it started in Phuket. Numerous fitness clubs, raw restaurants, yoga studios and more. I, however, opted for a place, which offers all of the above and more, and all at once. For a total immersion in a healthy lifestyle, I opted for Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort.

At the doctors

My journey to a healthier life begun at the doctor’s office, at Thanyapura Medical Centre. Blood and other tests performed there provided me with important data about my general physical condition. The doctors checked my hormonal balance as well as heavy metal residues levels in my body. These tests’ results were then used by the residing nutritionist to provide me with dietary tips and a complete nutrition plan, not just for the time of my stay at Thanyapura, but for a lifetime. Less big fish such as tuna, to limit mercury intake, but more seafood in general, for the benefit of Omega 3 fatty acids. More veggies, less saturated fat, more proteins, less sugar. Easier said than done? Not at Thanyapura’s DiVine restaurant.

Thanyapura at the doctors

At the table

An all-inclusive stay at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort comes with all meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – served at DiVine restaurant. A restaurant that provides more than table thrills, it provides nutrition. Each item on the menu comes with calories count, microelements contents and other information, all precious if eating healthy is your aim. And healthy options abound – from a vast, raw-only section, through alkaline versions of classic Thai dishes to a long list of wholesome smoothies, it’s all here to prove that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean compromising on flavour and quality. On the contrary – while the 100% raw burger made with giant mushrooms tasted nothing like your casual bun and beef patty, it was nothing short of delicious. Raw lasagne? Raw Pizza? All outstanding! And this is coming from a die-hard carnivore…

Thanyapura vegan burger

On a mat

Group fines classes, aquatic exercises, world-class gym – whatever your fancy, all routes to a healthier life are open at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort. I, however, decided to take it slow and give my body and mind a bit of a rest from my Phuket’s lifestyle’s high pace. Which is why, instead of high-intensity exercises – spinning, boot camps and Muay Thai – I headed for the yoga centre, for some well-deserved stretching for my joints and meditation for my mind.

Three yoga and one guided meditation sessions later, my mind was calmer and more relaxed than I could remember. Proof? A whole two hours I spend at Thanyapura Sports Hotel’s library, simply reading. No phone, no internet, no Facebook, just me, a cup of oolong tea and a book. If you’ve forgotten how wonderful it feels, I recommend trying.

Thanyapura meditation class

Ready for battle

 This long weekend I spent at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort was possibly the most intense resort stay I’ve ever experienced. In place of the usual doing-absolutely-nothing at a resort’s pool and overeating at its restaurants, I’ve enjoyed three days of carefully planned, activities-filled program. Nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, all this backed by medical science and all designed to set me on a new path to a healthier lifestyle. At checkout, I’ve felt fresher, calmer and more motivated than ever.

Thanyapura spinning class

But the real battle begins now. A battle for a healthier lifestyle. It’s a battle I shell fight on land and in water, I shall fight on the beaches and in the hills, I shall fight in the ocean and in the swimming pool, at the table and in the gym. I shall fight it with growing confidence and growing strength, and I shall never surrender.

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