Game of Lighting

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Good illumination is a practical necessity, but lightning can do much more for a room than just to provide a useful light source after dark.

Light fixtures are decor features in themselves, and their glow can create atmosphere, highlights objects and enhance color and design.

Light has a profound effect on a human being’s physical, mental and emotional state.

Used as a creative tool, it is cheerful, comforting and has an almost magical ability to transform objects and environments. Good lightning should be an integral part of the design of your home, allowing you to adapt the mood from practical to romantic at the touch of a switch.

Keep your lightning flexible. Use adjustable spots to highlight sculptures and paintings. Make sure you have enough electrical outlets for table lamps and standing lamps to be positioned around the room.

Dimmers are great mood-setters and can be connected so that you can switch on and dim table and floor lamps as you enter the room. It will make you home unique and so cozy.