Football and Miss Hotel Competition Coming Soon to Phuket

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If you’re working in a Hotel in Phuket, here’s some good news that might make the future look a little bit brighter, particularly if you like football and beauty pageants. Next month, the Phuket Football Club (Phuket FC) will be holding their second Hotel Cup Competition at the Republic Phuket football field in Chalong. Alongside this event they will also be holding the first ever Miss Hotel Competition.

These two events have been organized in an effort to build cooperation and friendship between all hotel businesses in Phuket. Hotel employees will get the chance to relax and mingle with staff members from rival companies. More than eighty hotels from around Phuket have been invited to the event. These Hotels now have the chance to gather their most enthusiastic football fans and their most beautiful staff members for both competitions.

Hotels have until the 6th of September to submit their teams and candidates so if you’re working in these areas, feel free to have a go. If you’re a beauty who enjoys football you might even be able to take part in both events.

The matches will be held from September 13 to 25 every day and the Miss Hotel Competition will have two rounds, one on September 12 and the other on September 26, which will also be the day of the award Ceremony for both competitions.

Prizes include 80,000 baht for the winners of the Hotel Cup and 20,000 baht for the winner of the Miss Hotel Competition, as well as runner up prizes, so there will be plenty of incentives for contributors to try their best.