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Luca Cinin A Wine Story Phuket (3)
What’s better than one Italian serving food and wine? Two Italians! Especially when one is a wine enthusiast, and the other, a passionate chef. Things are about to get even more delicious at Luca Cini – A Wine Story.Luca Cinin A Wine Story Phuket (2)

In our last feature about Luca Cini – A Wine Story, we called the Boat Avenue winery “One of North-Phuket’s favourite hangout places”. That hasn’t changed, it still is a mighty popular spot for all those who enjoy great wine, food and company, even more so since last year’s overhaul and the addition of an artisan Italian deli section to the concept. We also called it “A piece of Italy in Phuket”, and it still is Italian to the bone. What changes, is that now it’s an even bigger piece.
Bigger, because in addition to handpicked wines and finger foods to match them, from now on you will be able to enjoy freshly cooked, authentic Italian food at Luca Cini. A restaurant then? Not exactly. Luca’s new concept is better described by the world osteria – a traditional Italian wine bistro with a dynamic menu.Luca Cinin A Wine Story Phuket (2)
Dynamic as in ever-changing, in moto perpetuo. Except for the few core dishes and returning guests’ favourites, all else will be dependent on the availability of fresh produce in local markets and the chef’s creativity. “The menu will change every 2-3 days. We want to show that there is more than pizza and pasta to Italian cuisine – local specialities from Italy’s 20 regions, dishes you might have never heard about. We want to let people try and understand what Italian cuisine really is,” tells me Luca. Luca Cinin A Wine Story Phuket (2)
To that goal, he has two aces up his Italian shirt’s sleeve. The first is chef Antonio, who takes the helm at Luca’s kitchen. You knew from the get-go that he comes from Italy, which already sort-of qualifies him to cook Italian. What you didn’t know is that he was born in Tuscany and spent the last 20 years cooking in Italian restaurants and as a private chef. Now, that man can cook! And will do so not just at the osteria, but also at private villas, yachts, and parties, as part of Luca Cini new service, best explained by the man himself:
“It won’t be catering, we will send chef Antonio and he will cook right there, at the client’s venue. The menus will be custom made, perfectly paired with our selection of wines and prepared using the best quality Italian ingredients.”Luca Cinin A Wine Story Phuket (2)
And that’s Luca’s second ace – his and Antonio’s familiarity with Phuket’s best suppliers of bespoke Italian produce. If you’ve ever been to Luca’s shop in Boat Avenue, you know that he knows where to find the good stuff. Partly it’s his experience on the island, but partly it’s his Italian nose for all things delicious.
“My purpose is to spread the Italian culture of food and wine, to share my passion,” he tells me. And judging from Luca Cini – a Wine Story’s slow food bistro’s swift ascent on Phuket’s dining scene, he means it.
Learn more on lucacini.com

Maciek Klimowicz
Maciek Klimowicz


Maciek Klimowicz is the Editor in Chief at Real Life Phuket. Food, wine, culture and travel are some of the things he enjoys and writes about - luckily Phuket provides plenty of all. Contact Maciek on editor@rl-phuket.com

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