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Novelty wears off. Take food for example. Do you remember that first time when you arrived in Thailand and tried local cuisine? The sights, the smells, the flavours… how exciting it all was! But let a few years pass and what was thrilling becomes your daily routine; dishes that you’d rush to photograph and share on Instagram, turn into another similar lunch or dinner. Which is why finding a restaurant capable of rekindling this initial excitement, of making you fall back in love with Thai food, is such a blessing. We know such restaurant. It’s called Suay.

Suay Phuket Town

But before we dive right into it, let’s go back to Suay’s origins and introduce the man behind it. If it wasn’t for Chef’s Tammasak “Noi” Chootong’s personal and professional experience, Suay might have never been. Born in Thailand but brought up in Germany, he learned his craft in fine dining European restaurants and later mastered his skills back in Thailand, at Phuket’s JW Marriot and Banyan Tree resorts. It’s at those high-end hotels that he found a connection between his Thai roots and his western cuisine background. From it, the concept of Suay was born – to introduce five-star Thai cuisine to locals in Phuket, at an affordable price.

Chef’s Tammasak “Noi” Chootong


A local experience? It has to be Phuket Town, the beating heart of our island. It’s there that Suay hides on a side of a small Soi. Past a little but lush garden we go, into a brightly lit, modest, but at the same time tasteful and cosy interiors, to find a new love for Thai cuisine.

Suay Phuket Town Tuna Tartare

A journey back to those days of the first encounters with Thai flavours begins with the starter – Tuna Tartare. A classic dish which at Suay receives a Thai twist with the addition of Kow Kua (toasted sticky rice) and other Isaan spices and herbs, giving it a flavour profile of a traditional Laab. It’s Thai but it also isn’t, it’s familiar but it’s refreshingly different, and yes – it’s yummy.

Suay Phuket Town Fish

And as more plates land on our table, the story keeps repeating itself. Dishes that look and sound Thai, come prepared with new, unexpected ingredients, giving them brand new dimensions, while dishes that seem to have nothing to do with Thai culinary traditions are brought back home by skilful use of local spices, herbs and cooking techniques. Lychee-infused Red Curry explodes with fruitiness, Mango and Sticky rice is formed into a spring roll and served with a scoop of sesame ice cream, each plate is a little wonder and a reminder of how fun and exciting eating Thai food can be.

Suay Phuket Town Dessert

“Sassy, Unique, Authentic, Yummy”, Chef Noi deciphers the name of his restaurant, of which he recently opened a second branch, the time in Cherngtalay. And the name really says all. Every single adjective it features is embodied in the dining experience. So if you’ve forgotten why the whole world is so full of praise for Thai cuisine, Suay is here to remind you. And if you haven’t, Suay will not let you forget.

Suay Phuket Town Mango Sticky Rice

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