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Out of reach and out of mind – that’s fine dining summed up for the vast majority of people. Sure, we drool over pictures fancy dishes on Instagram, but when it comes to actually tasting them, our wallets say no. Luckily, RL’s Frugal Foodie series is here to fix it! In it, we visit Phuket’s finest restaurants and bring you the best value foodie experiences from around the island.

Acqua Restaurant

Set on the edge of Kalim beach and blessed with a gorgeous sea view, is Acqua – a restaurant run by the multi-award-winning master chef Alessandro Frau and seen by both food critics and ever-returning customers as one of the best in Phuket. This reputation, as well as Acqua’s stylish interiors, might give you an impression that it is a place for lavish wine dinners only, one reserved for the affluent fine dining enthusiasts. To prove that assumption wrong, we sat down with chef Alessandro himself, and asked him to put together a list of his favorite value-for-money dishes on Acqua menu.


All menus presented here are priced under 1500 THB net and each gives you the complete Acqua experience, including amuse-bouche on arrival, assorted daily-baked fresh bread basket, petit four at the end of the meal…and the joy of dining at one of Phuket’s finest restaurants without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

Menu 1

  • Ravioli Cappellacci stuffed with pumpkin and sage on a light Gorgonzola sauce – 450 THB
  • Grilled eggplant rolls stuffed with truffle ricotta cheese and asparagus on a roasted eggplant mash – 450 THB
  • Natural mineral local water or any soft drink – 90 THB

Total – 1165 THB net


Menu 2

  • 55 minutes slow-cooked egg on Parmigiano Reggiano fondue, black truffle and crispy pancetta powder – 580 THB
  • Malloreddus pasta in Sardinian style piglet ragout with Vernaccia wine, fresh tomatoes, and aged Pecorino Sardo – 550 THB
  • Natural mineral local water or any soft drink – 90 THB

Total – 1435 THB net

Menu 3

  • Hand sliced yellowfin tuna carpaccio marinated with fine extra virgin olive oil and lemon, topped with fresh artichokes and bottarga – 600 THB
  • Pizza Napoli (Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, capers, anchovies) – 380 THB
  • Natural mineral local water or any soft drink – 90 THB

Total – 1259 THB net

Menu 4

  • Italian cold cut selection served with ricotta cheese and marinated Crignola and Taggiasche olives – 580 THB
  • Porcini mushrooms and rosemary risotto scented with a fine white truffle oil – 580 THB
  • Natural mineral local water or any soft drink – 90 THB

Total – 1471 THB net

Menu 5

  • Sous vide cooked Octopus salad, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon and vinegar, fennel leaves, celery and Taggiasche olives DOP – 600 THB
  • Seafood risotto with fresh cherry tomatoes tossed with fine extra virgin olive oil – 580 THB
  • Natural mineral local water or any soft drink – 90 THB

Total – 1494 THB net

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Gareth Zebron
Gareth Zebron

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