Last Sunday the staff at Xana Beach Club made offerings at the nearby shrine in hope of securing some sunny weather for their inaugural Sunday Fun Brunch of 2017. The Gods listened.

It’s been a rainy couple of weeks in Phuket, even as I’m writing this, ominous dark clouds are building up in the sky. And it’s no surprise, the picture perfect aura of the high season is yet to come to Phuket this year.


The weather, however, isn’t the only sign of the change of seasons on our island. There are also Sunday brunches. Each year hotels and resorts make the Sunday brunch offering the highlight of their week. And each year it’s Xana who’s the first to open its doors to hungry tourists and local alike and invite them for a few hours of guilt-free feasting.

Guilt free and fun. While other resorts often present a more luxurious face of the Sunday brunch experience, with free-flowing champagne, all you can eat lobster etc. Xana focuses on the fun aspect of the Sunday spread. It’s not that there aren’t premium goods here, there are and plenty.

But in all honesty, you’d be wise to skip the so so oysters and greasy foie gras and go for the more casual dishes instead – grilled meats and seafood, burgers, wraps, salads, dips, a fantastic selection of cheeses as well as some solid local options (and desserts, if you manage to squeeze them in). All this goes great with the branch’s beachside/poolside setting and relaxed atmosphere further enhanced by live music, fun games for the kids and tightly clad hostesses distributing (virgin, naturally) cocktails and (non-alcoholic, of course) beers to the guests.

They say that one swallow doesn’t make a summer but I think it’s safe to say that with Xana Sunday Fun Brunch here, the high season in Phuket has just begun.

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Before you go, here are some photos from the inaugural Xana Sunday Fun Brunch 2017

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