There seems to be a spate of King Cobra sightings in Phuket at the moment, with another report of one of the feared serpent being caught, this time in the northern Phuket’s Cherng Talay area.

According to a report in The Phuket News, on March 15, Mr Ai Manabut, a famed local snake wrangler was called to a property in Baan Bang Tao, Cherng Talay after a resident found a King Cobra roaming near his property.

It took Mr Ai 10 minutes to catch the snake which he said later was three metres long and 7kg in weight.

“It is still mating season for snakes and this is why there are more caught at this time of the year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Surin Bil-Abdullah, the owner of that house where the King Cobra was found said, “It was lucky that it was still light when I found the snake. If it was dark then maybe a member of my family could have been bitten by it.”

This follows the sighting of two five-metre King Cobras in southern Phuket just days ago, one of which was caught while the other escaped.

This latest report is a timely reminder to be on the lookout for any snakes and to call authorities immediately if you do spot one.

Eric Catamaran Eng