Speaking the language of art at the Pavilions

Man does not live by bread alone – in a realization of this biblical truth, the Pavilions Phuket ads an artsy touch to its hospitality offer. And it begins on a high note, with an art exhibition.

 Launched with a party on Friday, September 29 at Firefly Restaurant “The Language of Art Exhibition” features works from both local and international artists, whose brief profiles we present here.

Map Abday: Born in Southern Thailand, Map has studied art at Thaivichtslip Art School in Bangkok and at the Poh-chang Art Institution – a longstanding art school that was established by King Rama VI. Map works in the medium of acrylic paint on canvas and takes her main inspiration from nature, old books and magazine as well as within herself. Previously Map works were in an expressionist style before changing her painting style and dedicating herself to the art of abstract painting.

Peter Child: There are very few working sign-writers left in the 21st century and Peter Child is one of them. He lives and works in Phuket and his work can be found all over the island in hotels, restaurants and bars. While specializing in the old and traditional art of sign painting, Peter also expresses his talent with hand-drawn and digital cartoons.

Marlene Jacopin: Certified Artist and Teacher from the International Porcelain Artists & Teachers (IPAT), Marlène specializes in porcelain painting, a thousand-years-old art that came to us from China. Marlène draws her inspiration from nature, legends and esoteric philosophies from ancient civilizations, and from her travels. She now lives and works in Phuket (Thailand).

Isara Thaothong: Isara Thaothong also known as “Ids” was born and raised in Bangkok. He has graduated from the Rangsit University of Fine Art and majored in painting. He defines his art as “Modern Doodle Art”, a style integrating line patterns – doodles – with signs and symbols. Isara get his inspiration mainly from the happy memories, joys and dreams of his childhood that are expressed in his sketchbook that he carries everywhere.

Adriano Trapani: Adriano is an Italian expat who has been living and working in Phuket as a photographer for over a decade. From fantasy portraits to architecture or products and lifestyle, he approaches every subject or assignment as unique and he always strives for best results. The beauty of photography is that possibilities and techniques are virtually endless, he never stops learning.

John Underwood: Australian artist, sculpture and overall renaissance man, John Underwood has had the gift to use his creativity over the years for international artistic and commercial success. Presently his practice involves creating intricate kinetic artworks which explore the mechanisms of humour, which engage on a personal level with their audience.

Mr Zen:  His paintings convey positivity to the audience by using simple lines and bright colours that can easily be grasped in any of his paintings. Mr Zen has exhibited in art galleries in Bangkok, Barcelona (Spain) and in Germany. He is the owner of the Wua Art Gallery & Studio in Phuket.

The exhibition is open thru 30 November, entrance is free.

Before you go enjoy this gallery of photographs from the exhibition’s opening night






Maciek Klimowicz
Maciek Klimowicz


Maciek Klimowicz is the Editor in Chief at Real Life Phuket. Food, wine, culture and travel are some of the things he enjoys and writes about - luckily Phuket provides plenty of all. Contact Maciek on editor@rl-phuket.com

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