Outspoken Russian ballerina talks to RL about her controversial life

Famed ballerina, singer, actress and philanthropist Anastasia Volochkova is a regular target of the tabloid press in her native Russia, and internationally, who can’t seem to get enough scandalous gossip on her flamboyant lifestyle and outspoken political opinions. During her recent visit to Phuket the statuesque blonde bombshell took a leading role in several sensational entertainment projects organised by Culture rEvolution in partnership with Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa.

What do you devote most of your time to currently?

At the moment it probably my concert activities. My charity project “Symphony of Goodness” puts on a series of concerts, all of which are free for people to attend. I manage to organize between 70 to 80 of these events every year. Each concert features performances by extremely talented children from all over Russia.

As an actress, I am also involved in the project “Lady”, which was specially written and choreographed for me. Of course, I also give a lot of attention to my daughter Arisha, she is a very interesting young lady and we are like best friends.

You are constantly portrayed as heroine in Russia’s tabloid media and newspapers like the UK’s Daily Mail for your outspoken politics. Yet paradoxically, they also manage to project a negative image of you with their scandalous stories involving your personal life. What do you think makes the the tabloids both attracted and repulsed by you? Is their any truth to their stereotypes?

Of course, there is some negative images of me in the media, which is also compounded by the people who wish me ill, who I think are simply jealous of my success, beauty, freedom and independence.

We live in a time when even minor events in a celebrity’s life, positive or negative, are regularly turned into a scandal to make headlines for the media. So I suppose the fact that I am a regular heroine of the tabloid media only confirms that my personality and lifestyle is of interest to a lot of people.

So, I am not particularly upset about this attention from the media, I know that there are those who do not accept me and do not like me, but I have my supporters and my family. So I never give up!

Which do you prefer Phuket or the Maldives?

To be honest, I do not go to Phuket very often, in fact, my mother and daughter come here more often than me. For me, Phuket can be somewhat noisy, but this time it was different, because my friend recommended that I stay at this absolutely extraordinary place – Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa – it’s really amazing, I feel a complete sense of solitude there.

I also like the Maldives very much, I feel very much in harmony there. It is the only place on earth where I always really want to be. But I have to say that I was very impressed on this visit by the villas at Mai Khao Dream. Of course, it is an elite place to take a holiday – each villa has several rooms, a kitchen, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi – but it is all is hidden away in a very secluded setting.

I was also shocked by the amazing service and attitude of the staff here. I was fortunate enough to get acquainted with the owner and managers of the hotel – all of them just fill this place with their love and hospitality.

You participated in the show of your famous fashion designer friend Yana Shevchenko, which was organized by Mai Khao Dream, can you tell us how it went?

I had a chance to participate in Culture rEvolution’s projects twice in one week. One of Yana’s shows was held at Dream Beach Club, where I opened and closed the show in a luxurious swimsuit and parasol, and also performed several songs.

In the second show, which was held on March 8, I sang several incendiary songs songs during my performance. But overall it really felt like it was was a holiday and I had a lot of fun.

I was very inspired by the creativity of these events. I had even considered dancing [the classic Russian ballet] The Dying Swan, but unfortunately I did not have time to organize the delivery of a costume from Russia. So we decided to keep this idea for a future show.

The fact that Russian artists and musicians are being brought here to perform is fantastic, and it really shows just how many Russians have decided to visit or make their lives in Phuket, I wish prosperity to this beautiful place, and I hope it preserves its special charm.


Favorite vacation spot:

The Maldives

Your idol:


Favourite dish:

Steamed spinach with cheese and tom-yum with spinach

Favourite Sport:

Figure skating, horse riding

Man of your dreams:

My future husband, whom I have yet to meet!


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