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Class of 2019 and Post-BISP Plans

With representatives from 110 colleges and universities from 24 different countries coming to BISP’s campus in 2018-19, it is clear that BISP is recognized as a top international school with outstanding students. 

An Insane World?

For an open-minded paradigm change of our education system, we need people, who do not, in the depth of their minds, believe that everything was better in the past.

The Upsides of Life in Boarding

You live in Phuket? Then why on earth would you send your child to a boarding school in another province or country? Let me share the upsides of boarding thatstudents in Phuket have discussed with me over the years.

The World Needs Risk-Takers

Take a look at the world around you and you’ll see where this failing approach to education it taking us. It’s obvious that we need risk-takers, not followers.

Passion – The Vital Ingredient

The beating heart of BISP is the ‘Triple Helix’ philosophy, which recognizes that a complete education requires not only an emphasis on formal classroom learning but also upon the development of mental and physical well-being, as well as the recognition that ‘passion’ is a critical motivating force for young people.

Parents And Their Expectations

Let’s focus on fun and happiness, on spending time together in nature, on playing games. Let’s listen to our children, so they can grow up the way children should.

A Fine-Tuned School

In many schools, music is more of an afterthought than the core element of the curriculum. Fortunately, not at British International School, Phuket (BISP)

You Know, For Kids!

Volunteering in Phuket? It’s totally worth it. For the experience, for the inspiration, for the challenge of it…and you know, for kids!

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