Inle Lake Region, Myanmar



Word of my arrival to the village spread incredibly fast on this particular morning. The tiny settlement of Kyauk Taung is renowned for its pottery, which is sought after throughout Asia. The clay in the ground near this village is extraordinary, and the locals have been using underground kilns to perfect their craft for centuries. The village, however, rarely sees foreign visitors, and I was quite the attraction on this day. I had the fortune to be made the guest of honour at the Village Headman’s granddaughter’s wedding. I was met with heartfelt hospitality from each and every home in town. As I passed this one-room schoolhouse, the kids all clamoured into the wooden window frame with smiles to greet me. As they jostled for position, I smiled back and grabbed my camera. Here’s one of my favourites from that moment.


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Aaron Hooper
Aaron Hooper

Aaron Hooper is a Phuket-based photographer and RL Phuket contributor. Contact Aaron for sale of limited edition prints or for private or business photography shoots bookings on

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