Make Your Garden Great Again

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need” – Cicero

Whether grandiose or cosy, gardens have always been places of tranquillity and inspiration, and since ancient times, they’ve had a special place in the lives of humans. With the advance of technology and design, gardens ceased to only have a decorative function, they became an integral part of a smart, interactive landscape. Whether it’s a public park or a hidden backyard, a thoughtfully designed garden can bring a huge improvement to your habitat.

If you have a garden in your Phuket residence, with just a little effort you can transform it to benefit your living space. Besides common advantages of having a garden, such as a possibility of growing your own food or using it as a place for leisure, there are other practical uses for your green space. For example, by planting the right kind of plants, you can create a pest-repelling garden. Plants such as lemongrass, onion or garlic can effectively decrease mosquito population while others act as snake repellents. Adding water features to your garden can turn it into a natural air-conditioning unit while a carefully planned drainage system can reduce your home’s humidity. By combining these techniques, you can create a pleasant microclimate filled with thriving plant life and fresh air. And these solutions are also applicable on a smaller scale. Even If you live in a condo apartment, there is always space for a few plants or a mini Zen garden to relieve stress and enhance your creativity.

Shape your garden so it works for you, create your own microclimate, make your little piece of landscape your sanctuary where you can unwind, gather your thoughts and read a good book. Make your garden your library.

Milos Gavrilovic
Milos Gavrilovic

Milos Gavrilovic is a Phuket based architect and interior designer. Contact him at or through his LinkedIn profile

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