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While we all have something different in mind when we think of our dream house, those visions tend to have one thing in common – space, lots of it. High ceilings, large windows, airy rooms… but dreams are dreams and reality tends to be a bit more cramped. Fortunately, a few design tricks, while not capable of making your Phuket property larger, will make it seem so.

Start with the right colours – light-coloured walls which reflect more natural light can make your home appear bigger than it is. Add horizontal or vertical stripes to create an illusion of longer and higher walls. Warmer colours should be avoided in small spaces, use cool pastel colours instead to make walls appear further away from each other.

Short on space? Use mirrors and reflective surfaces to visually double the room’s size – just don’t overdo it; a few strategically placed mirrors of the right size and shape will do the trick.

Furniture matters too, a lot. A single oversized piece can “swallow” the entire room, so pick yours with the room’s size in mind. In smaller properties, multi-functional furniture, such as pull-out sofas or retractable dining tables are the way to go. Use the space under your bed and on top of your wardrobe to conceal loose items and create a neater space; mount bookcases and shelves on the walls to save floor space; be creative.

There are plenty more space-enhancing tricks in an architect’s book. Hire a good one and make the most of your space.

Milos Gavrilovic
Milos Gavrilovic

Milos Gavrilovic is a Phuket based architect and interior designer. Contact him at or through his LinkedIn profile

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