Boutique Hopping in Surin

The Plaza Surin

It’s good to take a break from #islandlife, fly out to Bangkok and enjoy a day or two of #cityliving and #shopping. To let Bangkok’s malls swallows you up, chews you up and spits you out a day or two later, lighter on cash but heavier on garments, gadgets, gizmos and what not.

But what if you, one – don’t have a day or two to spare, two – don’t feel like flying to Bangkok, or three – are not exactly keen on the crowded, confined space of Phuket’s usual shopping galleries? What if it’s a Phuket shopping experience that you’re after and with a premium twist? A solution awaits in Surin, where in 2004 a different kind of shopping gallery was launched. It’s called The Plaza Surin.

The Plaza Surin

What sets it apart? The Plaza is not your typical mall of shops gathered in a confined space and under fluorescent light – it’s an open-air assemblage of boutiques. It’s smaller in size hence easier to manage and offers a more personal shopping experience.

The Plaza Surin

But while smaller than a shopping mall, it makes up for it with diversity. It’s 12 luxury boutiques offer an array of luxurious and distinctive products to suit those with a taste for beauty and comfort. Wandering along the open-air walkways of the plaza feels less like shopping and more like a trip to an art gallery.

The Plaza Surin

Art, by the way, is strongly represented with authentic local art, artisan rugs, Chinese ceramics, handmade jewellery and much more on offer. Other shops tempt with designer clothes, exquisite beachwear, handbags, shoes, furniture, interior design…you name it. There’s also a yoga studio, a spa and a premium tea coffee and snacks bistro is soon opening its doors at The Plaza Surin too.

The Plaza Surin

Add to this plenty of parking space and a close proximity to one of Phuket’s favourite beaches and this weekend Bangkok shopping trip you were thinking, looks much less attractive.

The Plaza Surin is located HERE 

Maciek Klimowicz
Maciek Klimowicz

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