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As with any crowd-pleasing dish – think pizza, pasta, fish & chips – a recipe for a good burger is simple enough: take a bun, slice it in half and in between those halves place a patty and a selection of condiments. With something as straightforward as that, the devil has got to be in the details, and what better place to find out more about those, than with the makers of the best burger in Phuket?

Phuket best burger thavorn -2 (Landscape) (2)

Now, there are probably just as many “best burgers in Phuket” as there are burger enthusiasts on the island. After all, some of us like it classic (bun + patty + veggies + sauce), some favor a dash of extravagance (artisan sourdough bun + dry aged Black Angus+ Piedmont truffles + a sprinkle of gold flakes) and some go as far as to commit the blasphemy of a vegan burger (veggies + more veggies + a pinch of salt) so, not to get lost in the maze of personal burger preferences, we decided to go with the official designation, that is the current holder of the title of The Best Burger in Phuket, Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa.

Phuket best burger thavorn -2 (Landscape) (2)

And by the current, I mean this AND the last year’s winner of the Phuket-wide “Phuket Best Burger” competition –  because what better way to prove that you know how to put together a great burger than to win the contest twice in a row? And so Thavorn, except for the qualities it shares with many other resorts in Phuket, such as a fabulous beachside location or lush green tropical garden in its backyard, now has an ace up its sleeve – the island’s best burger.  

Phuket best burger thavorn -2 (Landscape) (2)

The thing with aces, especially those hidden up one’s sleeve, is that they ought to be wrapped in a veil of mystery, which is why I found it perfectly reasonable that Thavorn’s F&B manager, Khun Chai, didn’t want to spill all the beans on his kitchen’s acclaimed burger creation. He did, however, tell me one thing – this year, it’s all in the cheese – or to be precise, a custom-made concoction of cheeses to complement the flavorful wagyu beef patty.

Phuket best burger thavorn -2 (Landscape) (2)

Having realized that I won’t get khun Chai to tell me much more, I decided to let the burger do the talking. Firs impression? Except for the slightly unconventional black stone slate it arrived on to my table, it looked strictly traditional – a model burger. Only the gorgeous layer of melted cheese dripping down the patty’s side, forecasted what I was about to experience with the first bite.

Phuket best burger thavorn -2 (Landscape) (2)

And so, I bit into Phuket’s best burger, and with that first bite, I understood what khun Chai meant when he said that “it’s all about the cheese”. The melted cheese slice on the patty was just the prelude, the real cheese symphony was hiding inside the meat. As it oozed in all directions, mixing with the savouriness of the wagyu and the crunchiness the veggies, I got transported into that better place that only a truly great burger can transport one too – a place of comfort and satisfaction.

Where is that place? It’s right here, in Phuket, hiding between two slices of a freshly grilled bun. And you can visit that place too.

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Maciek Klimowicz
Maciek Klimowicz

Maciek Klimowicz is the former Editor in Chief at Real Life Phuket. Food, wine, culture and travel are some of the things he enjoys and writes about. Contact Maciek on



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