Eat like a local: Thai egg dishes

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Egg dishes are known as common food for single males, students and other people who don't want to spend too much time cooking. Yet, they can be delicious and Thai egg treats are a brilliant example of this.

In Thai cuisine fried or soft-boiled egg is a typical condiment served with many local treats. But proper egg-based foods are also plentiful as you can learn at any food-court or street eatery. Here are our top ones.

Photo: Debbs

Oyster omelette

Thai omelettes can can include various toppings, but local oysters are the most popular option. How many oysters do you need? The Thai name of the dish tells you all – “hoy tod” literally means “fried oysters” – so the more the better.

Oysters are mixed with eggs, soy sauce, fish sauce and whatever you want to add. Then the mixture is fried in hot oil until the desired colour and condition is reached (normally a couple of minutes only). Probably not the healthiest of dishes, but fast and yummy.

Photo: Boo Lee

Son-in-law eggs

Going for eggs for breakfast? Ok. You can boil, you can fry... Or you can first boil, then fry and finally serve with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce. That's exactly how they make son-in-law eggs in Thailand. It is believed that the dish was created by an unknown man who had to serve something to his mother-in-law paid an unexpected visit. Nothing to serve but eggs? Ok, go creative!

The secret of the dish is of course the sauce. Tangy, sweet, sour... Rich with tamarind, palm sugar, spiced withs shallots and fish sauce... Meanwhile chilies are usually served separately.

Photo: Takeaway

Egg salad

What do you know as an egg salad? I bet most of the world think of chopped boiled eggs generously dressed with mayo. Thais think differently as their egg salad is a sweet-sour-spicy “yum” made of shallots, tomatoes, various greens and that iconic “yum” dressing.

To make the later you need chili peppers, lime juice, fish sauce, a little bit of sugar... And here it is. Most visitors of Thailand know “yum” as “yum thale” (seafood salad) but the egg variant is awesome as well. Actually, with “yum” dressing nearly everything is awesome.