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When coming to the coast, everyone wants to get out of their room and feel the gentle waves on their feet. For this reason, most people will only consider a hotel located by the beach, even when there are wonderful options set back just a little from the coastline. Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa, serves as a perfect example.

I was able to visit this hotel in early September and it was quite simply a wonderful weekend! Firstly, it is worth noting the location - on a quiet street away from the hordes of tourists and the noisy night entertainment, so complete relaxation and tranquillity are guaranteed. Secondly, almost 70% of the rooms overlook a courtyard with a large swimming pool, which is surrounded by tropical greenery. This again provides protection from the noise of the outside world. The hotel is very family friendly and you will not be disturbed by the infamous Phuket nightlife.

The hotel has three types of rooms available, the first is located on the ground floor with access to a small pool; the second, a standard room, very large and with a lot of natural light, each has its own bathroom, which is rare in hotels in Phuket. Now, as for the third and final room, which happened to be the one in which I stayed. This type of room is located on the upper floors of the building, and it’s reminiscent of a beautiful one-bedroom apartment in a luxury condominium. Each comes with a large living room and a kitchen which has everything you need. From the living room, you have access to a huge balcony with its own swimming pool, a large bedroom and a room with private bathroom (one bedroom also has access to a balcony).

Even if you love to nitpick, the rooms at Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa provide nothing to complain about! The hotel offers free coffee from a fancy coffee machine, a large minibar with an assortment of snacks and beverages, and cosmetics from ELLE Spa. The bedding rivals some of the best hotels in the world with fine linens, blankets, pillows and a mattress so comfortable that you sleep like a baby. Charging your devices will not be a headache due to the convenient location of sockets, and they even provide bath salts and candles for a pleasant evening of relaxation in the large bathroom. In general, everything is done for you, so you can relax and enjoy your stay.

How about outside the rooms? As has been described above, there is a huge swimming pool and it’s very convenient as part of it is always in the shade; not everyone likes to roast in the sun. Around the swimming pool, you can relax on the loungers or in the huge beds provided. Located in the pool, as well as elsewhere in the hotel, there’s a bar that provides some pretty good cocktails. The atmosphere is great with pleasant music and a friendly staff team that cater for all your relaxation needs.

And then there is the spa. I do not know how to accurately convey my exact experience but it was one of the best oil massages of my life. The masseuse managed to reach every muscle and at the same time, not cause any discomfort.

Of course, in the evening I wanted to relax, not only the body but the mind and release all of the stress from the year leading up to my vacation. This was possible through a few visits to Indulge, a well-stocked bar with experienced cocktail waiters. Normally, in the Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa, there are two bars, one of these is on the roof next to the infinity pool, called Vu, but unfortunately, during my stay, it was closed. The second, Indulge, is located on the first floor. The hotel’s interior décor is wonderful; one can see that the owners have not stinted on making it extremely aesthetically pleasing. The large leather English-style sofas and chairs, the dark chocolate colour of the walls and the crystal chandelier gives is a look of class whilst avoiding appearing pretentious and tasteless. The cocktails are also very good and in my opinion better than in other establishments of this type.

If you do not have your own transport to take you to the beach, fear not, there’s a free shuttle. When you’re on the beach relaxing or swimming, you will be on the territory of the Dream Beach Club - one of the best beach clubs in Phuket (by the way, all guests of Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa are provided with a fairly generous discount).

But my experience in this hotel was not an entirely positive one.

The biggest disappointment was the kitchen. The kitchen as a whole, ranging from breakfasts to the hotel restaurant Trilogy. First, the breakfasts - perhaps this standard of it would have been acceptable at an ordinary three-star hotel somewhere on the third line of Patong, but not at Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa. It would be unfair to refer to the meals as inedible, however, I expected much more. They provided just two kinds of fruits, concentrated juice, one kind of processed sausage and cheese seemingly sourced from the local 7-11. The coffee is not even worth commenting on; it was my biggest disappointment.

Now for the hotel's restaurant, Trilogy. This is not my first visit to this place. I recall, December 24, 2015, Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa arranged for a Christmas dinner which reached much higher standards. I even ranked it in the top ten of my favourite places to eat. But, as it always happens in Phuket, nothing stands still. Whether they changed their head chef, or simply relaxed their standards, it is not clear, but the food substandard.

Let me describe a few of the dishes from the proposed set-menu.

For a first course, I had a quinoa salad with crab, it was not fresh, and tasteless, the quinoa itself was dry, and it was necessary to wash it down with a considerable amount of water.

For the main course, I ordered chicken breast with couscous and roasted potatoes. It is a strange set of ingredients, I do not understand why they felt a simple overly dried chicken fillet with two poorly prepared side dishes (salted potatoes and dry couscous with red beans) was acceptable as an option for their guests.

The one thing that could perhaps have improved my dining experience would have been a glass of fine wine and their wine selection itself was great, however, in my opinion, the prices of wine were nothing short of insane. In fact, it was some of the highest prices I have ever seen in Phuket.

To summarize my entire weekend here, I’d say that the hotel is good, overall. The staff are wonderful and I really enjoyed spending time here and left feeling well rested. The food, however, requires addressing and with some urgency. For a hotel of this standing, a representative of the respectable US network, it would be expected that the dining experience would match the quality provided elsewhere in your Dream Phuket Hotel and Spa experience.

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