Dream Beach Club’s Sunday Brunch – a Phoenix rising from the ashes

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In Greek mythology, a Phoenix is a bird that rises from its own ashes. In some ways, this appears to be happening to Dream Beach Club reopened from “the ashes” of Nikki Beach Club in December 2015 after a 5 month refit to coincide with the opening of Dream Hotel

Most locals had given up on the Beach Club when it closed in early 2015 and most thought it would follow the fate of the many other Beach Clubs that the government closed in places like Surin Beach, but like the mythological Phoenix it seems to have been reborn again

In a way, Dream has the advantage of location right on Layan Beach, a great view. two pools and a big space with ample parking close by and no neighbours to complain about the noise. As a nearby resident, I had willed it to succeed because of its proximity but always it seemed to never get things right whether it be the service or food and drink offering- that is until recently

I was finally convinced to try it again after swearing I would never go back with so many things wrong with it- and I am glad I did

New General Manager Russell Steiner (he is actually the 4th GM of the venue) and his new team, including Chef Eak (Thai national who has been in Phuket about 11 years and worked in some other great Phuket beach locations), seem to be finally sorting things out.

The day I was back was a Sunday Brunch with almost 200 people enjoying Sun, Surf, Food, Drink and music- a great sign that it is getting its mojo back

Dream is attracting a tourist crowd in their 20’s to early 40’s, with a wide cosmopolitan background where nationality and style changes according to whether its high or low season and national holidays or weather. They were looking for an all-day sun filled destination and they were all clearly enjoying it.

A good buffet of seafood, roasts, salads and sushi starts at noon through to about 3;00 PM, The afternoon then morphs into a pool party until sunset then it’s time to maybe think of dinner.

Most importantly the food has improved significantly over the last few months and the Chef is now taking advantage of seasonal availability here in Southern Thailand

Best thing? Service levels have improved dramatically and a great sign that the management team have a much better idea on how to run a good Beach Club. They even had 2 wines (a rose and chardonnay) on special at half price of less than 1,000 baht each

Seating ranges from formal seating for the brunch, to pool lounges right through to sun beds or even a beautiful beach. The view of the turquoise Andaman Sea with its water temperature of 28’C or body beautifuls whether muscly or skimpily dressed, is simply the icing on the cake especially when mixed with the good dance music that builds up late into the night

Never thought I would say it, but I will be back and I hear that Russell and his team finally have plans for something special in mind for the upstairs area - but that will be another story.