The Dreaded Zika Virus Lands in Thailand

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A boy and a girl, both aged 13 years, have been diagnosed infected with the Zika virus and the village where they live in San Sai district declared a disease control zone, The Bangkok Post has reported.

Natee Damrong, mayor of Tambon Sai Sai Luang Municipality, issued an announcement under the Municipality Act of 1953 on Tuesday declaring Ban Cho village in Tambon San Sai Noi a ‘disease control area’ after the two 13-year-old residents were found on June 20 to have the Zika virus in their bloodstream.

Mr Natee said the quaranteed period is a regular practice and will last for twenty-eight days.

The boy and the girl were found to have the virus after returning from Phetchabun province.

These are the first cases known in Thailand of a quickly spreading disease that is, so far, very rare in South East Asia. There have been some cases reported in Vietnam but, until now, it was thought to be confined to the Americas and Africa.