Do your squats!

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Maria Liuten Maria is a personal trainer at the Laguna Phuket UTime Fitness branch.

Can one work out at a gym and do strength and power exercises after reaching the age of 40? My answer would be: one not only can, one should!

If you want to stay young and healthy – do your squats!

Strength training develops body endurance, increases heart volume and power, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, normalises blood pressure and helps to maintain the health, thickness and strength of the musculoskeletal system and ligaments. A lack of physical activity in one's life leads to accumulation of salts, while strength training washes joints with blood; keeping their tone and keeping bones healthy.

Men over 40 will experience a decrease in testosterone levels, especially men living unhealthy lives with regular alcohol consumption, smoking inadequate nutrition and stress. Barbells to the rescue! Exercises such as squats and deadlifts stimulate blood flow to the lesser pelvis organs, thereby normalising their testosterone production.

As one grows older, the level of oxygen decreases. The decrease in oxygen in the system is what leads to body aging. What to do? Again, my answer is doing basic exercises - especially for leg muscles. Exercises such as squats with a barbell stimulate oxygen inflow to the lungs and thus increase its presence in the body.

Rounding it up, I would add that the older you get, the less food you should consume – especially unhealthy food – and move as much as possible. Exercises are allowed and recommended for people over 40 years old and below. Just be sure to use common sense and not overdo it. If you’re going to get back into a regular exercise routine, choose a good mentor or coach. Your coach will make an individual training plan and if you are new to the gym – will show you how to perform each exercise correctly.

Stay healthy everybody!