Do these 7 things now to reach more customers in Phuket

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Maciek Klimowicz [:en]Maciek Klimowicz is the former Editor in Chief at Real Life Phuket. Food, wine, culture and travel are some of the things he enjoys and writes about. Contact Maciek on[:ru]МАЧЕК КЛИМОВИЧ – ШЕФ-РЕДАКТОР ЖУРНАЛА REAL LIFE PHUKET. СРЕДИ ЛЮБИМЫХ ТЕМ МАЧЕКА – КУХНЯ, ВИНО, КУЛЬТУРА И ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯ, ТО ЕСТЬ КАК РАЗ ТО, ЧТО ПХУКЕТ ГОТОВ ПРЕДЛОЖИТЬ В ИЗОБИЛИИ. СВЯЗАТЬСЯ С МАЧЕКОМ МОЖНО ПО ЭЛ. ПОЧТЕ

You have the perfect business idea for Phuket, the prefect product, the perfect service or the perfect property. All that's left is to bring it to your customers. How? Advertise!

The good news is that you don't need to have massive advertising budgets, PR and communications agency backing you up, or a spellbinding charisma. Advertising in Phuket can be done effectively and without draining your wallet. Here is how.

1. Act Globally...

More people visit Phuket for holidays than actually live here. So if it's the tourists that you want to reach with your message, you have to act globally...and carefully. Advertising in international press or TV usually costs a fortune. And while advertising on social media can be a great way to directly communicate with your customers,  it can become a full time job, if you want it done right. You'll either need money, or time. Or both.

Especially that it's not just about who you reach with your message, but when you do it. Tourists who already are in Phuket, usually have their minds made up, their tours booked, their hotels' reservations made. The trick is to reach them when they are still making their holiday plans.

TIP: Half of readers visit us when they are sill abroad, before they arrive to Phuket. 

2....Think Locally

Tourists come and go, just as season do. But expats and locals are here to stay and can be the core of your business, helping you survive the low seasons and adding to the volume in high season. You'd be wise to try and reach them and then take good care of them, every time, all of the time. Especially that they will be the ones who return to order more and tell their friends about your business.

TIP:  RL Phuket is a local lifestyle magazine distributed across the island, in more than 300 locations, from local cafes to high-end resorts. Each of this places is visited by dozens of people a day, each of them your potential customer. 

3. Use Word Of Mouth

Phuket might be Thailand's biggest island, but at its heart it's still a small, local islet, where everybody knows one another. Spend as few years here and you will notice it yourself - how you keep bumping into old friends in new places and how news travels quickly across the island. Use this quality of Phuket to your advantage - do a good job, offer a good service, sell a good product and then ask your friends and customers to recommend it. The news will catch like wildfire and spread across Phuket.

TIP: You cant try taking it to the next level by starting a referral program. For each one, two, three and more new customers your current customer refers to you, they receive discounts, rewards etc. Now that's some strong motivation! 

4. Post, Share, Like

Everybody is on Facebook, if you're not, then you should be - at least if you want to promote your product or service. Especially in Phuket - an island in love with Facebook groups dedicated to exchanging information, promoting local services, second-hand sales, job searches etc. There are too many of them to list them here, but if you do your research, you will quickly find the ones suitable to your needs.

TIP: Don't spam. The best of Phuket's Facebook groups are carefully moderated and if you're seen as a spammer who floods the group with advertising, you'll be promptly banned. Read the group rules and stick to them.

5. Speak Their Language 

English might be the lingua franca of today's world, but most of us feel most comfortable speaking (and reading) in our mother tongue. That's why your advertising message is best delivered in the native language of your target customers. And while you're at it, try to avoid embarrassing mistakes so frequent on menus, signboards and other in Phuket and beyond. Need to advertise in Thai? Just ask a Thai friend to proofread your content, and do the same with any other language you need - native speakers of all major languages live right here, in Phuket.

TIP: RL Magazine is the only bilingual, English-Russian lifestyle magazine in Phuket. It's a great space to reach one of the biggest, and biggest spending groups of people in Phuket - the Russians.

6. Tell them a story 

We all love stories, and so do your customers. Tell them one. If you have a website, set up a blogging module and start posting, if you don't have a's probably too late for you 😉 Worried that you can't write? There are some talented, freelance writers on the island, waiting to mesmerize your clients with their skills. They know Phuket, know your potential clients and know their craft. Thought their stories your clients will learn more about your product or service and they will start perceiving you as an expert and a passionate one at that.

TIP: Cheap, 5 USD a piece blog posts you can buy through online freelancer services might seem like a good deal, but they rarely are. If your goal is to build content volume with no regards to quality, by all means use them, but if it's quality that will captivate the audience that you're after, a professional writer with knowledge of Phuket is the right choice. 

7. Spend Wisely

Advertising budgets have a tendency to grow fast. Ads add up and bills swell out of control. Think wise if you should throw another 500 THB on a Facebook post boost, spend a chunk of your budget on fliers that will end up in a dustbin or invest in a roadside banner that will quickly fade in Phuket's scorching sun and torrential rain. If there is one thing about advertising worth noting down it's this one - make a plan!!! Decide who, where and when you want to reach. Think why, how and how much you want to spend doing that. And once the ads are out, see if they work, then adjust, correct and repeat. This is not advice just for Phuket, it's the way to do it anywhere in the world.

TIP: Make a plan!!!

Ready to get the word about you product, service or brand out to Phuket's eager public? Stop waiting for the customers to show up. Take matters into your hands and show them what you have in store. How? By doing it right and not going broke in the process.

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