Discover Mosha the Elephant’s story

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Mosha the elephant was just seven months old when a land mine near the Thai/ Burmese border blew off one of her legs. For ten years she has been the recipient of 9 artificial replacements, the most recent being an artificial limb that was given to her by the ‘Friends of the Asian Elephant Foundation’ this week.

There have been dozens of elephants that have been wounded in similar circumstances near the border region, due to fighting between the Burmese government and rebel fighters. Mosha was the first to be given an artificial leg. Others have also received prosthetics as well.

The reason Mosha has had so many replacements is because she has grown from 1,300 pounds to 4,000 pounds since her accident, resulting in the need for larger prosthetics over the years. Without such prosthetics, elephants like Mosha would not be able to survive. It is fortunate that there are foundations out there that dedicate their time to saving these majestic creatures.