Discover Batik Art in Phuket

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What is Batik art? You might be wondering. We’ll get to that in a moment. Batik art is quite common in Phuket, you’ve probably seen a lot of it without realizing what it was called, unless of course you’re an art aficionado. It’s everywhere around the island now but it was only quite recently that it was introduced to Phuket.

Batik art involves alluring complex patterns printed on pieces of fabric, usually silk. In Indonesia it is very popular, where it is usually made with wood blocks, but in Phuket the design process can be different and quite unique. Batik artists in Phuket usually choose to go free form. They take a traditional technique and modify it to suit their own tastes.

Recently, artists in Phuket have been moving away from the more traditional seascape imagery usually associated with Batik art and are now branching out into the realm of fine art. Darker tones and more abstract designs are being incorporated. Another new approach is the fluorescent back-lighting involved. This creates a more luminous effect for the works, one that really draws in the viewer.

This new approach to Batik art is being labeled Artik, as there is a more conceptual element to its implementation. At the moment there is talk of there being Artik style Batik workshops around the island, so if you’re interested in creating your own works in this style be sure to check out Oasis ed Phuket for details, that’s where some great classes can be found.