Destination Thailand: The free app for farangs

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Are you sick of those easily lost guidebooks when you visit Thailand? Admit it, if you’ve been a few times, you’ve bought more than one, right? Well, now you can do away their consistent presence in your carry-on luggage. How, you ask? With the new app – Destination Thailand.

The app has been developed by Destination Thailand News with help from the guys at Capital Television group and Talisman Telecom Group. The app aims to make life easier for the entertainment hungry farangs out there. It will keep you up-to-date with the latest news, developments and events via a number of mediums. The app uses an array of videos, images and information on everything travel related. Raine Grady, of Capital TV, explains how the app aims to eliminate the need to scour numerous websites; the app is the place to turn to for what’s happening in terms of food, entertainment, art, culture, music and child-friendly attractions.

Founder and CEO of Destination Thailand, Stephen Morton, explains how the majority of start-up app companies have “difficulty in securing relevant content”. Due to the fact that Capital TV have been making video footage of Thailand since the mid-90’s, this is not an issue for the creators, with over 5,000 hours of footage already available for use.

Morton, no stranger to tourism news in Thailand, expects the app to dominate travel tips and news in Thailand within 12 months. This may not be so farfetched; we’ve seen a steady shift in preferences in recent years with more and more people turning to online media, at the expense of TV.
These hours of video footage and constant updates on travel and news in Thailand can be yours at no cost at all. You can download the app on iOS and Android for free.