Crazy Thai Superstitions (Part 2)

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There are so many bizarre Thai superstitions that we couldn't fit them all into one article. There are so many that we probably won't be able to fit them into five, but we'll try. In our first section on crazy Thai superstitions we told you about hearing voices at night, dreaming about snakes and not calling babies cute. In this section we will start off by telling you about another Thai superstition related to babies.


Thais believe that if a baby is born with a birthmark then they have experienced past lives. We're guessing that the birthmark is meant to be some sort of stamp from the previous owner. Do you have a birthmark? If you do, congratulations, this isn't your first time around.

Lucky Bees

Thais believe that bees are lucky so they never kill them if they come into their houses. If you kill a bee then you destroy your own luck, so next time you see one buzzing around your lounge room, just open the window and set it free.

Clean Kitchens

Do you have a messy kitchen? If so, then prepare to spend a lot of money. It's a commonly held belief in Thailand that if a person has a messy kitchen then they will face a lot of expenses.