Crazy Thai Superstitions (Part 1)

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Thailand is an amazing place filled with charm and wonder. The people are friendly, the lifestyle is laid back and the scenery is exquisite. A lot of people who travel to Thailand see all of this but what they don’t see is some of the more bizarre beliefs lying beneath the surface. All cultures have superstitions in one way or another but the Thais set of beliefs are quite unique and baffling. Here are just a few to keep you scratching your head in confusion.

  1. Hearing voices at night.

Thais love their ghost stories so it’s no wonder that a lot of their superstitions are based around them. This one has it that if you hear voices chattering at night, they’re the voices of ghosts and if you respond to them then you’re practically inviting them into your home.

  1. Dreaming about snakes.

In the west, snakes aren’t usually associated with positivity. In Thailand though, they sometimes are. If you dream about a snake wrapping itself around you, it means that you will find your soulmate in the near future.

  1. Ghosts that kidnap cute babies.

A major faux pas in Thailand is to tell someone their baby is cute. Thais believe that if you say a baby is cute, a ghost will come along and kidnap it for its cuteness. Does that mean it’s better to tell someone that you think their baby is ugly?

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