Let’s go online. Useful apps in Thailand

The world is moving to online. We cannot imagine our lives without gadgets and Internet. And you...

Lina Krengel

ReverseAds brings digital tech to Phuket

Friday, September 18th saw the official opening of game-changing digital technology business in...

RL Street Eater

Get Your Cravings Delivered!

Working from home? Limiting your exposure? Eating the same thing every day can get a little...

Gareth Zebron

A Guide to Buying a New Mac

You just had your trusted old friend (that is your computer) die on you and you’re thinking of getting a new Mac? Here is what you should know before you take the plunge.

Julien Reveillet

Back it up

"Backup? No I don't, I keep my files on Dropbox.” Many people confuse storing their files in the...

Julien Reveillet

A worm in an Apple

“Macs are safe from viruses” was always one of the most used arguments in the never-ending conflict...

Julien Reveillet

Guests at Kata Rocks stay connected

Kata Rocks, one of Phuket’s leading luxury retreats, is ultra-modern in more than just its fancy,...

Real Life Phuket

Make the most of your Apple machine at Phuket’s first Mac workshop

If you have a computer from Apple and live in Phuket, chances are you’ve heard about Phuket My Mac –...

Maciek Klimowicz

Ultra-luxury cars cruise into new Phuket showroom

Some of the world's most desirable ultra-luxury cars were on display last Friday (Feb 24) during the...

Real Life Phuket

Electric Thailand - first Thai-made electric car released

Vera V1 was unveiled to the world at the end of last week. The release of the electric automobile...

Real Life Phuket