Father’s Day in Thailand

The 5th of December in Thailand is not an ordinary day. This date is dedicated to all Fathers all...

Lina Krengel

Need to rent a bike? Call Ali

If 32 years ago somebody would tell young Ali that he will be the owner of one of the most popular...

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Spartan race Phuket. AROO! AROO! AROO!

For 2 days in a row, 26-27 November, we could see a large amount of very fit, dedicated and...

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Areas in Phuket. North of the island.

Luxury, calm, and with the most beautiful beaches on the island. Yes, it’s the North of...

Lina Krengel

Better later than never

It has been a long time since we took a break. The pandemic hit us hard and with the...

Lina Krengel

You've been in Thailand long enough if... Part 1

For a holidaymaker, a visit to Thailand is an amazing experience and a memory for life. But spend more time here, and you will inevitably notice that the Land of Smiles has changed you.

Real Life Phuket

Thailand strengthens anti-COVID measures jor July 1 reopening

The recent week turned out tough for big thinkers in Bangkok as they struggled tp find a proper solution to a tricky problem: how to contain the third wave of coronavirus and get the county safe and ready for planned July 1 reopening for vaccinated tourists.

Real Life Phuket

F is for fruit. Exotic fruits of Thailand. Part 1

What comes up to your mind when you hear of Thailand. Probably, not on the first place, but you...

Real Life Phuket

Thai New Year to be celebrated traditional way

For this year’s Songkran, officials allow all traditional activities to be held as usual. These include religious practices and ceremonies; such as, sprinkling water on Buddha statues and pouring water onto the elderly’s palms to ask for their blessings.

Real Life Phuket

Interesting food in Phuket. Coke in a bag? Two, please

Street food. Street drinks. All streets all over Thailand are full with food stalls, little shops, vendors and even motorbikes selling food.

RL Street Eater