Casual encounters with fine design

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By Maciek Klimowicz

It’s not every day that we are granted access to an artist’s studio for a face to face encounter with their craft, philosophy and talent – especially on our beach, dining and party centric island.  Well, maybe not every day, but certainly today, at an event that aims to start a series of design popups in Phuket.

You have to know where to look to get there, in fact you have to make an appointment. But once you do, you will be led to a house in the wonderfully scenic cape Yamu where a well-lit room with a long table, covered with dozens of objects of beauty, awaits. Each of them a creation of one of two designers, whose casual encounter a few months back resulted in today’s event.

“We met about nine months ago Thaynapra, where we’ve both been working out,” says Natasha Pulaski, a handbag designer and the fonder of Death in Paris brand. “We started talking, not about fashion or business, but about health and lifestyle,” she adds.

“Yes, we only recently found out that we are both designers and that’s when we had the idea to have a collective popup,” explains Anumpa Sukh Lalvani, a jewelery designer, whose brand En Inde hails from New Dehli.

The popup takes place at Anampa’s studio, which for two days has been turned into a design gallery. Those who attend, get a rare chance to enjoy designer objects at close proximity, to have a chat with the artists in their natural environment of an atelier, and possibly to be a part of something new coming up in Phuket. “This event is a start of a conversation, of a collective that could happen in a big way, another few months down the line,” tells me Anumpa,

“It is just two designers now, but maybe next time it will be four. I see this as a start of a series of events that can take place 3-4 times a year, with different, Phuket based designers,” she adds.

“That’s who we are searching for. Recently we didn’t even know about each other, so there has to be more designers here,” explains Natasha.

If you happen to be one – a designer crafting modern, relevant pieces, or if you simply crave a bit of an aesthetic delight and a break from Phuket’s daily routine, give Anumpa a call and find your way to her house before the end of the day. There may be more such popups in the future, but for now it is one and only, and not to be missed.

The studio is open till 5pm. To make an appointment call 0910381114. To find out more about the designers and their brands, visit and