How to boost property sales in Phuket

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Properties in Phuket generally sell themselves due to the ideal location and reasonable prices. To really get an advantage over the competition though, there is one crucial element. Professional real estate photography is what attracts the most viewers to any rental website. Studies have shown that sites with professional photography gain an average of 139 per cent more clicks than those without.

People are more attracted to images than information. Even if a property shows that it has all the amenities one could ask for, properties with better pictures will generally get chosen. Nowadays, buyers and renters do most of their searches online, rather than going to the sites in person. The photographs of a property leave a lasting impression.

One more advantage of professional real estate photography is that virtual 360-degree tours are now available on websites, as are aerial videos from outside. The virtual tours really do result in more sales because properties can be viewed anytime and anywhere. This is a huge benefit for property sellers in Phuket, as a lot of buyers are located overseas. They can get a tour of the properties without having to leave their countries.

So remember, if you’re trying to sell or rent out a property in Phuket, professional photography and 360 virtual tours will give you a huge advantage. You’ll also save on having to hire a real estate agent to show people through the houses. The virtual tour takes that hassle out of the equation.