Blue Village of Chefchaouen, Morocco

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Blue Village of Chefchouen


Venturing north through the desolate Moroccan desert, a nearly 10-hour drive through the mostly unremarkable, countryside, the landscape is nearly devoid of colour. It's painted in many shades of neutral greys and browns. All of that changes quite dramatically after climbing up a rocky valley, where tucked under the shadow of a large mountain, the town of Chefchaouen comes into view.

From a distance, it looks as if a giant slice of blue has been carved out of the rocks that tower above it. The colours magnify the closer you get to the small town. The entire village is washed in gradients of rich blues, everywhere you turn you are surrounded by these lavish shades of indigo and azure. Scenes like this one, for a photographer, made the journey completely worthwhile. The colours and the light in the narrow blue-washed alleyways were absolutely amazing. Chefchaouen was truly a highlight of my travels in Morocco. With a camera, I could spend weeks here capturing the different shades as the light and shadows play off the varying hues.

Wandering the cavernous winding pathways that snake through the ancient city was like looking for treasure, it seemed like every turn held a fantastic image. Here, I was shooting the bright ray of sunlight breaking through against the incredible blues, when after about 10 shots, this little girl in a bright red dress walked into the frame and stopped, calling up to her friend hanging out of a window above. This shot, to me, encapsulates the beauty of this wondrous, magical village of Chefchaoeun.