Black magic in Thailand

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A lot of Thai people wear amulets and have prayer tattoos on their backs. A lot of westerners who visit the country also get these things, little realizing the background behind them. These objects and tattoos are often blessed by monks. They’re worn around the neck and are believed to help the wearer with different areas of their lives, depending on the type of amulet.

It is taboo for an amulet to be worn beneath the waist if it has a Buddha image or the likeness of a Monk. Amulets that don’t have this can be carried around in your pocket but be careful where you take them, it’s improper to take certain types of amulets to specific types of events. Taking an amulet to a brothel or a fighting event is a no-go. Touching another person’s amulet is frowned upon also and don’t even think about wearing one during coitus.

Traditionally, amulets depict Buddha images but there are also some that show demons, dragons and other types of beasts. Some are made from ‘spirited bones’ and ‘corpse oil’ for express delivery of luck. They’re often worn in odd numbers such as 1, 3, 5 and so on.

To Westerners, this all might seem like a form of Black magic. Traditionally, Buddhism didn’t involve such things but as usual, the Thais have put a unique spin on it all. Let’s just hope it doesn’t anger the Gods.