Best and worst airlines of 2016

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If you're like me, when searching for flights, you probably look for the best priced airlines. But when time is a constraint or you're off on a long haul flight to visit Europe, it pays to know which airlines are the best and more importantly, which to avoid.

Your risk of a delayed flight depends heavily on the company with which you're flying, amongst other factors, of course. Your service and comfort will also vary from airline to airline. To help you know which airlines to choose, the aviation insights company, FlightStats, have created a list of international airlines with the best on-time performance records. The company track delays and cancellations world-over and, based on delays and cancellations, these are the 10 best and worst performing airlines of 2016, along with the likelihood of delays:


  1. KLM (11.47%)
  2. Iberia                        (11.82%)
  3. JAL (12.20%)
  4. Qatar Airways (13.66%)
  5. Austrian (14.26%)
  6. ANA (14.46%)
  7. Singapore Airlines (14.55%)
  8. Delta Airlines             (14.83%)
  9. TAM Linhas Aéreas             (14.93%)
  10. Qantas (15.70%)


  1. El Al (56.00%)
  2. Icelandair (41.05%)
  3. Air India (38.71%)
  4. Philippine Airlines             (38.33%)
  5. Asiana Airlines (37.46%)
  6. China Eastern Airlines (35.80%)
  7. Hong Kong Airlines             (33.42%)
  8. Air China (32.73%)
  9. Korean Air (31.74%)
  10. Hainan Airlines (30.30%)


There you have it, the results for the best and worst airlines, in terms of delay probability for 2016. This isn't to say that the service provided by some of these lower performing airlines isn't impeccable, but, based on statistics from around the world, if you're looking to arrive somewhere on time and you have a choice between El Al and KLM, maybe go with the latter.

By Alex Wyatt