Beautiful or cheap? Both! TOP 5 free attractions in Phuket

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Lina Krengel

Pretty soon (at least we believe in this) tourists will come back to Phuket. And we also believe that people will be looking for some more or less budget option for accommodation, car rents and even attraction. How about I tell you that there are some stunning places on the island that are absolutely free? Here are my personal TOP-5 free attractions in Phuket.

Number 5: Phuket town. To be more specific, Phuket Old Town. This is the Province’s capital and one of the most scenic places on the island. Expect to see low-rise buildings in Sino-Portuguese style, cozy cafes, coffee shops, local shops with homemade products and many more. Every corner of Phuket Old Town is a perfect spot for pictures. Discover famous wall paintings and do not forget to visit Thalang Walking Street Night Market on Sundays.

Number 4: Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong). One of the biggest temples on the island. Famous for a bone fragment of Lord Buddha sheltering in a tallest chedi (stupa). In the central temple you can make a merit by offering lotus flower or adding a piece of gold paper to the monks’ statues. This is that most Thai people do while visiting Wat Chalong.

Number 3: Big Buddha. It easy to combine visit to Wat Chalong and Big Buddha as they are relatively close to each other. You can spot the huge image of Buddha sitting on top of the hill overlooking Phuket Town, Kata, Karon, Chalong Bay and more. Sceneric view together with peaceful atmosphere makes this place on of my favorite on the island.

Number 2: Khao Rang Hill. This viewpoint is not that popular among tourists, probably because it doesn’t directly face the sea. However, the picture of Phuket town from this viewpoint hits differently.

Number 1: Promthep cape. Breathtaking, picturesque, mesmerizing…Especially during sunset time. Do not deprive yourself a pleasure and drive there at least one time to see the sunset. Do not leave straight after the sun hides behind the horizon and you will be rewarded by a colorful sky.

So don’t think that Phuket is too expensive. We have many free places to visit. Hope you are going to like it.  It is not an advertisement, but the true opinion of one girl who is enjoying living in Phuket.