Back it up

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Julien Reveillet

"Backup? No I don't, I keep my files on Dropbox.” Many people confuse storing their files in the Cloud, with having a proper backup. Let’s clear this out.

Dropbox, and its siblings such as iCloud Drive and Google Drive, are meant to help you externalize your data and synchronize files with multiple computers. It’s useful when you work as a member of a team on a single project, or you use more than one computer. Also in case of theft, fire or other disaster in the place where your computer sits, it’s a real lifesaver to have your files safely tucked away in a rock solid data centers from Google, Apple or Dropbox…that is unless you have something to hide from the "Big Brother".

But what if you remove a Dropbox folder by mistake? What if you overwrite your file? What if a yesterday’s version of a document was a better than today’s modified one? In that case, there is nothing you can do without an up-to-date backup.

Backups such as Time Machine allow you to “go back in time”, restore files, emails and even your computer’s entire state from a specific time in the past. And all you need to do to get started, is to find storage to use for your backup. With one Mac to backup or if you travel often, choose a USB 3 hard drive. If you have two or more Macs, go for a Time Capsule or a Time Machine-compatible NAS, which works over Wi-Fi, no need to plug your drive in.

Still not sure how to set up your backup? Join one of Phuket My Mac’s workshops for Mac users, where every second Saturday, we teach you how to get the most out of your Apple machine. So join us, stay safe, stay backed up!

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